Beauty and Anti-ageing through Regeneration.  Now, there is a more natural and less invasive approach to looking good and feeling younger. With the new innovations, regenerative medicine now provides Plastic Surgeons with a more natural approach to medical beauty enhancements and regenerative treatments.

Beauty through Regeneration

The natural approach to looking good and feeling younger.

Beauty through Regeneration

The natural approach to looking good and feeling younger.

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Rejuvenating treatments for women

Harness the power of your own cells to restore youthfulness

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Treatments for men

Feel confident and rejuvenate yourself

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Regenerative medicine relies on the body’s capacity to repair damaged cells. It involves stimulating new cells to grow while, at the same time, helping damaged cells repair themselves. This is a growing trend with the increasing understanding of the power of adipose tissue to harness natural procedures anchored on the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself.

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Liopgems® facial rejuvenation uses adipose tissue, high concentrations of which can be found in the capillaries within body fat. The treatment involves extracting the tissue with a small amount of liposuction, usually extracting fat from the abdomen. The fat is then treated to help isolate the cells and then re-injected to create volume, while the cells work to create new blood cells. This helps to keep the fat alive and prevent it from being absorbed, creating longer lasting natural results.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy)

PRP therapy is a very simple and safe procedure where blood is taken from the patient just like a regular blood test. Then the blood is put into a centrifugal machine for 8 to 10 minutes and spun in. This facilitates the separation of blood and then the platelet rich plasma is collected and injected into the desired area. Platelet rich plasma therapy can be done in an area that requires texture improvement and almost every person can benefit from it.

Regenerative Treatment for Women

As well as treating the symptoms of ageing regenerative treatment can effectively tackle issues caused by the menopause. Women are no longer limited in their choices between enduring menopausal symptoms, or risking the side effects of synthetic hormone therapy. Women face a perplexing dilemma starting around the age 40 to 45. The amount of sex hormones naturally produced by their body dwindles, causing a wide range of menopausal miseries which regenerative treatments can effectively treat.

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17th January 2018
Fix arthritis with LIPOSUCTION - new treatment promises to heal painful joints with injections of tummy fat Lipogems uses the natural healing cells in fat to treat arthritic knees and feet - and Mirror journalist Lynne Hyland was among the first in the UK to try it. Read the article to find out more about Lynne's successful treatment and watch her Lipogems procedure.    Read more